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Patrick Dillon Photography

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Sunsets and The "Silhouette Tree"- (See below for photo slide show of sunsets)

I have always been fascinated by sunsets because to me they reveal God's handiwork as if He was painting each one individually in real time. Sunsets are unique and go through a series of brilliant changes (some more spectacular than others) all within a few minutes. They can change from a dull grey to a firey red in a matter of seconds as if someone suddenly flipped on a light switch. Some go through more changes than others but all are beautiful. This dynamic light show is for all to see if we will only take the time to witness it. God's wonder is all around us and sunsets are no exception.

Recently, my passion with sunsets has literally become an obsession without me knowing what has brought this on. "Why not sunrises?", I asked myself; they are also beautiful but they do not consume me like sunsets do.

When I decided to add the sunset section to my website, it didn't seem to fit in. Recently, however, while sitting on the couch relaxing after a busy day at work, the answer to my question was revealed to me in an instant. It was one of those revelations that sent chills down my spine. It was finally clear why sunsets had become so important to me. I had already written the answer to this in my book, Steadfast Christian, and had read itcountless times without getting the connection even though it was directly in front of me.

Most of the below pictures were taken from the same location (within a few hundred feet of each other) including the "Silhouette Tree," as I refer to it. I realize the picture technical qualities are not spectacular but rather, they illustrate how diverse each sunset can be when taken from the same location at different times. I have recently added some other sunset/rise from diverse locations such as Rosarito, Mexico


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